National book and journal publishers associations can participate in the work of IPA as "Regular Members". International publishers organisations with specialised publishing interests as well as international regional publishers associations may become IPA "Associate Members". Individual publishing houses can only become IPA members under limited circumstances. For more about IPA Membership and the different membership categories, please click here.

Current membership includes some 92 publishers' organisations from approximately 76 countries. This includes the international regional publisher associations from Latin America (GIE), the Arab countries (APU), Africa (APNET), and Europe (FEP), and French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa (AFRILIVRES), as well as specialist publishers associations such as the Association of University Presses, the International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM) and the International Federation of Scholarly Publishers (IFSP).

How to become an IPA Member?

In principle, IPA membership is open to national, and international regional or specialist publishers' associations which:

  • Share IPA's Objects, and actively promote and defend publishers' interests; and
  • Conform with IPA's Statutes, and are themselves based on voluntary membership and the principles of democratic self-organisation of publishers; and
  • Pay their annual subscription to the IPA Secretariat; and
  • Undertake to give effect in their respective countries to the resolutions and recommendations passed by the IPA General Assembly and to report to the IPA Secretary General on the steps taken and the results achieved.
  • IPA distinguishes between three categories of membership.

You can read the membership elegibility criteria here and download the application form here.

Full Membership

Full Membership may be granted to national publishers associations representing to the fullest extent possible the publishers of their country. Full Members pay an annual subscription determined for each Full Member by the General Assembly from time to time. Full Members take part in the work of the Association.

Associate membership

Associate Membership may be granted to international regional publishers' organisations and international publishers organisations with specialised publishing interests.

Application Procedure

We kindly ask all to complete membership application form on their activities. Together with the eligibility criteria, the information provided by the applicant association in this questionnaire will help the IPA Membership Committee and General Assembly to form a view as to whether your Association fulfils IPA's criteria for a given membership category. The IPA General Assembly decides, at its discretion, whether or not to accept any given application.

The application process itself, which leads up to the request for membership addressed to the General Assembly, is administered by the IPA Secretariat and will depend on the particular circumstances of each applicant. IPA generally asks applicants to make themselves available for a personal meeting at an international publishing event, e.g. during a major international book fair, or the next IPA Copyright Congress, to discuss the aspects raised in the questionnaire.

Deadline for applications: 6 February 2023.

Should you have any question regarding IPA or the application process, please contact the IPA Secretariat at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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