WIPO SCCR 40 Day 4: Wrapping Up

WIPO-SCCR-screenshot Mr Abdoul Aziz Dieng 

The hybrid 40th SCCR maintained the traditional schedule of a normal meeting and so reserved the last session for a quick review of the subjects which are vying for a position on the formal SCCR policy agenda: a miscellany it gathers together as ‘Other Matters’.

Those subjects are 

  • Copyright in the digital environment.
  • Resale Right
  • Rights of theatre directors
  • Proposal for a study on public lending right

The proposal for a study on public lending right was on this list for the first time following the request by the delegation of Sierra Leone at SCCR 39 (and since supported by Panama and Malawi). 

The update presentations and reactions from delegates and observers was efficient and eerie, both. In full measure.

And with that, Mr Abdoul Aziz Dieng of Sénégal, thanked all of the participants, the Chair’s summary was read out, and the meeting closed. 

No confirmed dates for the SCCR 41 but the next important meeting for many of us interested in copyright will be WIPO’s Coordination Committee (CoCo) on Thursday 3 December, where Daren Tang’s team of Deputy Director Generals will be confirmed. Sylvie Forbin has been the Deputy Director General in charge of copyright for the last 4 years.

Two years at the helm of the IPA: lessons learned
Discussions on copyright exceptionally limited

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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