Title Published Date
International intellectual property law expert Daniel Gervais to give Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 15 February 2019
'Copyright is crucial' - Manuel Sarmiento 03 July 2019
“Books are key!” Authors, publishers and booksellers launch a joint manifesto for the European elections 05 February 2014
“The Future of Publishing Depends on Copyright 10 February 2010
5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating 08 May 2016
AAP files suit against State of Maryland 17 December 2021
AAP publishers file copyright infringement lawsuit against internet archive for systematic mass scanning and illegal distribution of literary works 03 June 2020
Africa Rising: New inspirational speakers confirmed for second International Publishers Association Africa Seminar in Nairobi 03 May 2019
Alaa Al Aswany: "In the absence of copyright protection, people will simply stop writing." 07 July 2015
Alaa Al Aswany: copyright and human rights go together 28 May 2015
An appeal to readers and librarians from the victims of CDL 15 February 2019
Angela Mills Wade on advocating for creative industries 24 August 2015
ARIPO Symposium investigates shaping rights systems in Africa 31 July 2018
ASEAN Book Publishing: Markets, Policy, and Copyright 30 April 2019
Association of American Publishers urges Federal Trade Commission for more oversight of platforms 03 July 2019
Blockchain and IP 28 February 2018
Canada Supreme Court judgement sees authors and publishers urge copyright reform 01 September 2021
Canada: Mixed copyright review report from Industry Committee 03 July 2019
Canadian Copyright on three fronts 31 May 2021
Canadian Copyright Reform: International Publishers Concerned About Damage to Industry 16 November 2010

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