Screenshot of the Frankfurt Book Fair panel on the impact of COVID on the publishing industry

At the 2021 Frankfurter Buchmesse, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) hosted a discussion on the immediate and long-term effects of the COVID pandemic on the publishing industry. During the 45-minute virtual session, a diverse panel of speakers explored how different members of the publishing industry have been impacted by the pandemic in a variety of ways and how the community has come together to weather the worst of the pandemic.

WIPO IPA publishing study 2017 launched

Hot on the heels of the publication of the IPA/WIPO pilot survey of the publishing industry, the data collection process for the 2017 survey has begun.

Boken 2018

A new report on publishing in Sweden has shown interesting evolutions in the Swedish publishing market with a 1% decline in sales through traditional channels but a 4.2% increase when niche channels such as subscription audiobooks are included.

Morocco publishing data for 2016-17 released

The King Abdul-Aziz Foundation has published its third annual report on book publishing in Morocco. The report sheds light on the number of publications, languages and development of publishing houses in the country. The range of publications covered includes trade, education and scientific.

Associazione Italiana Editori, logotype

The Association of Italian Publishers (AIE) published positive market figures from 2017 with the Italian publishing market increasing 5.8% on 2016 to 1.4 billion Euro. The e-book and audiobook markets grew 3.2% to 64 million Euro.

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